Team Manager Resources


Duties and Responsibilities

  1. The Team Manager is a volunteer administrative assistant to the team coach.
  2. The Team Manager will help ensureĀ all team and individual registration deadlines are met.
  3. The Team Manager ensures all Club fundraising policies are complied with. Refer to Fundraising for additional information.
  4. The Team Manager will be given a Gotsport account from our Club Registrar
  5. The Team Manager works with the Club Registrar and Club Treasurer to maintain a current and accurate team roster.
  6. The Team Manager works with the Club Registrar to assemble US Club Passcards for the team. You may contact the SVU Club Registrar, Tony Lorenzi for assistance with your US Club Passcards.
  7. The Team Manager maintains a team binder complete with all official cards and documents for the team, players and coaches. These documents will include but may not be limited to the following: Current US Club roster, current US Club Passcards for players, coaches and managers, birth certificates and medical releases for players.
  8. The Team Manager is responsible for managing the teams Gotsport account.
  9. The Team Manager must use the gotsport system to communicate with the coaches and/or managers of other teams competing in NorCal Premier League State Cup and league events to schedule and confirm game times and locations.
  10. The Team Manager works with the team coach and club field scheduler to schedule all games and field space in a timely manner.
  11. The Team Manager may be responsible for providing game cards and player cards to the referee at the start of all NorCal Premier League State Cup and league home matches.
  12. The Team Manager will collect Referee money from the team and ensure Referees are paid in cash upon completion of each home game.
  13. The Team Manager is responsible for recording results of NorCal Premier League State Cup and league matches into the system.
  14. The Team Manager may assist the coach and or Club in communicating timely and accurate information to the players and families about scheduled events such as practices, games, scrimmages, club camps and tournaments.
  15. The Team Manager must treat all matters involving the players, parents and coaches in a fair, impartial, confidential manner.
  16. The Team Manager may perform other duties as requested by the coaching staff or Club Board of Directors.