History / Philosophy


At the club’s inception nearly a decade and a half ago, SVU club founders adopted the name South Valley United. The name SVU was, and remains of great significance as it marked the first time the unification of the top soccer minds and coaches in our community all under the umbrella of a single club with a singular purpose. The club would be progressive in nature, with efforts focused on building a safe, supportive soccer community which would develop elite level soccer players, in an effort to provide collegiate and professional playing opportunities.



We believe in developing advanced soccer skills and knowledge of the game through a variety of avenues, including specialized training along with league and  competitive tournament play.  Though winning is important, we believe that by developing young players physically, mentally and socially, it will in turn lead to more successful players over the long term.



We strive to develop the full soccer potential of our athletes and provide pathways for collegiate and professional opportunities. It is our commitment to help our players become better athletes and individuals by learning about teamwork and commitment, and overcoming obstacles through good-old-fashioned hard work within the game of soccer.



Our Badge narrative starts with building our Culture.  Each of the five stripes represent one of our core values: Creativity, Character, Commitment, Consistency, Courage. The colors red, black, and blue remind us of the previous clubs that came together to form South Valley United. The 02 is for 2002, the year in which the Club was founded. The mountains are the backdrop to our fertile valley lands and the gateway to the Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Parks. The lines beneath the mountains represent the diverse agriculture of the south valley where together we feed the world.