Uniform Procedures

How To Purchase Uniforms

The new SVU uniforms are now available for your players to order.  To order, the following steps must be completed.

1.  Each Coach or Manager must submit the following information to both; kevin@svusoccer.com and jeremy@svusoccer.com

First Name Last Name  Jersey Number  Parents e-mail

2.  Team Rosters will be built in Pro Soccer based on the list we receive from you. It is important that all information is accurate.

3.  Parents/Players will receive a "Welcome" email from Pro Soccer with details of how to order.

4. Uniforms will be delivered directly to the players house.

5.  Players can be added at anytime during the year by notifying Kevin or Jeremy

NOTE:   As part of our Adidas contract, all players are only required to purchase the 3 uniforms sets (Home, Away, and Training.)  A full  kit is defined as Jersey, Shorts and Socks.


In order to promote Club and team unity, it is essential and mandatory for all players to wear the designated Club uniform in its entirety.  The uniform consists of three kits (jerseys, shorts and socks in contrasting colors) which are a required purchase through the Club as well as a team backpack and warm-up suit. Teams shall display the designated South Valley United Badge along with club kit sponsors at ALL sanctioned games including league, playoff, tournaments and cup competition.

Uniforms are purchased every 2 years and 2023-2024 is the first year of the uniform cycle.  Players who are placed on a different team in the 2nd year of the uniform contract or transfer to another team may find it necessary to acquire a new or used uniform due to a conflict of the player number on the jerseys and shorts.  New and transferred players will be assigned a player number by their coach.  The Club will assist players in acquiring used kits from players who have transferred or outgrown their kits.